Magnetic Vol. 1 by Sokstar

Music & Hip-Hop

Magnetic Vol. 1 by Sokstar

Official Newness

Sokstar, the impeccable musical talent, does it again with this album released from all the way from Japan. His music selections and arrangements highlight his ability to hear and feel the music in a soulful way. Not to mention, his ability to mix these soulful cuts in a harmonious manner so you can just keep enjoying. Sokstar mixes Soul, Funk, RnB, Jazz tracks from decades past that are at the foundation of Hip-Hop . If you are a fan of these genres you’ll love his albums. If you you are a Hip-Hop head you are going to not only going to love Magnetic Vol. 1! but you are going to get an musical education no where it all started. This is not just entertainment, it’s as KRS-One would say, its “edutainment.” Download the SoundCloud app on your smartphone and take it on the go or listen to it free on the web at SoundCloud. Enjoy!


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