Does Hip Hop Corrupt Our Youth?

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Does Hip-Hop Corrupt Our Youth?

I ask this question because i want to know what you all think about hip-hop and its affect on young people especially young African Americans and Latinos…

In my opinion Hip-Hop is the dominant youth culture or the dominant form of cultural expression for most young African Americans and Latinos in the Unites States. Hip Hop in itself is fine as a form of expression, the problem here is whether hip-hop brings constructive, positive, and progrssive ideas to our youth?…Then that question must also be linked to who controls what expressions of hip-hop will be marketed to the masses as authentic hip-hop? Are those who have that power from the Hip-Hop community and are they working in the best interest of the Hip-Hop community?

With these questions in mind it is not suprising that the key images of young African American and Latino brothers and sisters in Hip-Hop and the media in general are usually cast in a criminal, promiscuous, immoral, inarticulate, uneducated, hyper-athletic, hyper-sexual and steretypical manner.

I hope this discussion can generate constructive self reflective dialogue that can help formulate ways to improve the lives of our youth….


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