Somalia Nevermind

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Somalia Nevermind by Amir Sulaiman

Click Here and Donate to the Crisis in Somalia - UNICEF

There is a food shortage and drought crisis facing the people of Somalia and the Horn of Africa. This is an extremely difficult time for Somalia right now and it is time to stop saying, “Somalia Nevermind.” If you want to make a difference please click the photo of the baby, which will take you the UNICEF page (they do accept dollars too). Above you fill find the incredible and heart wrenching poem Somalia Nevermind by Amir Sulaiman. Below you will find a YouTube video discussing the drastic need for aid to Somalia. Please let’s do something to make a difference in Somalia, share this on Facebook, Tweet it to your followers, or just donate. Thank You!


6 thoughts on “Somalia Nevermind

    1. Thank you for stopping by. I have read your post and commented on it. You raise some of the same points found in the poem Somalia Nevermind!

  1. It’s pretty bad over there. Droughts have been known to be a familiar to the horn, but gotten worse for the people after colonization. It’s good that it has gotten global attention though and hopefully people will take notice and help out.

    Its truly tragic about the people, and to see them like this, but right now the Somalian government is endowed with corruption and rebel groups aren’t helping either.

    1. You are right Tiffany! Droughts are common in this region ad so is the political instability. Like the Somalia Nevermind poem alludes to, this has been a problem for over twenty years in Somalia. There definitely needs to be a resolution to the political instability and the oppression of these people. I think there needs to be greater will on the part of the international and regional communities to make this change happen. The Somalian people unlike the Syrians, Libyans, and Egyptians, do not have readily accessible internet and social media outlets. That means its up to us to speak for their cause until people start to listen!

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