Skin – Based on a True Story

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I recently watch the film Skin (2008), directed by Anthony Fabian and staring Sophie Okonedo. Ebert called this “One of the best films of the year. Sophie Okonedo is Magnificent.” This film is an incredibly powerful story of love, hatred, selfishness, forgiveness, humanity, oppression and triumph. It won 19 international film festival awards! I was moved by this film and I trust that you will be too. You can find the DVD offered on Netflix for those with accounts! You won’t be disappointed! Watch the trailer for the film Skin below.


2 thoughts on “Skin – Based on a True Story

  1. This is a great movie to watch for educational purposes…it shows us how stupid and ignorant human beings (some) are, have been and always will be…

    1. Tita, thanks for the comment. You are correct this film would be a great resource for the classroom. It shows how race and identity have been major issues not only in the Unites States but in South Africa and all over the world. I hope people find out about this film and begin to address our shared history of racism past and present.

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