Turbans, Hoodies, and Misdirected American Aggression by @ChrisEmdin

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Article Written by Christopher Emdin

The first day I heard about the mass shooting of Sikh worshippers in Wisconsin I was moved to write a piece detailing the range of emotions I felt as the details of the shooting emerged. As reports described the religious background of the worshippers, the history of the gunman and the callous way that innocent lives were taken, I felt as though the event would raise the ire of the public. I thought the shooting would invoke an awareness of the connections between this event and others across the country where lives have been lost for no justifiable reason.

However, it’s been over two weeks since the Sikh shooting in Wisconsin and the coverage of the story has quickly vanished from the general media rotation and the event seems to have been erased from our national consciousness. While many sympathize with the victims and their families, they justify their lack of emotion with the idea that the shooting was merely the act of a lone crazed gunman. Unfortunately, this general perception is flawed.

We live in a nation that prides itself on being inclusive to all. However, at the same time, we tout slogans and belief systems about the “American way” and “American dream” that is anything but inclusive. Our history tells us that people from across the globe who come to the United States have changed their names, are forced to lose their accents, others deny where they’re from, some change the way they dress. For many, this process has been a formula for success; America has been inclusive to them because they have chosen to conform.

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One thought on “Turbans, Hoodies, and Misdirected American Aggression by @ChrisEmdin

  1. I belive I was disconnected during the posting process this is a repost/ please do not post twice.

    Mark O’Mara is still trying very,very hard to find away to use Florida’s controverial “stand your ground” law. Only if, he could get around Judge Lester Jr. Believe me!!! O’Mara wants a SYG prehearing because it allows the use of deadly force(gun) and murders (GZ) to walk free. Have you not read the power of sin is the Law. In a crimal trial OMara is going to have a very hard time explaining why Zimmerman (a 28 yr old adult with a violent past) followed, shot and killed an unarmed teenager that walked to a conveneint store to get a tea and candy. He was not committing a crime, in a place he had a right to be, on phone telling his girl friend while in fear- hiding and runnintg to get away from Zimmerman as he describe George following him. But George Zimmerman was so sure Trayvon was one of the black teenager, burglaring the neighborhood that he refused to let him (these ass holes) get away. Jehovah God gave George Zimmerman up to his own desire and its consequence. The bomb shell is coming/another recording of the confrontation in process. One that can not be controverial/disputed. Jehovah God provided a witness (girl friend) to tell the story, Trayvon hide,ran from GZ when GZ cought up, Trayvon asked GZ why are you following me and Zimmerman replied what are you doing here. Jehovah God knew GZ would lie. HE provided the voice of Trayvon yelling for help and begging for his life. Yet both has been denied. Zimmerman said Trayvon started the confrontation and it is him that is begging for his life and yelling for help. I know Jehovah God is going to present Him Self in court. How dare Florida think they can change the Ten Commandment and bear no consequences.
    This is why O’ Mara is filing an appeal of Judge Lester’s recent decision to stay on the case. Because O’ Mara knows he presented a SYG argument for “self defense” during the bond hearings. But in the second bond hearing it explode in his face becaused he refused to let Zimmerman testify and prosecutor De La Rionda seeing O’ Mara presenting a SYG argument for “self defense insisted that Zimmerman take the stand. Judge Lester was no fool, as OMara played him to be. O’Mara tried to slide in an introduction of evidence, experts, witnesses, and making his arguments of a SYG in the bond hearings so Zimmerman would not take the stand as in a schedule SYG. But since Judge Lester openly called his hand and did not acknowledge the bond hearing mini trial as a “self-defense hearing. Now O’ Mara is upset and wants a new Judge, that way he/O’Mara can repeat- introducing all his evidence, experts, witnesses, and making his arguments (presentations) all over again, because he has played all his cards but one. O’Mara each time being a step ahead (smart a–) in both bond hearings. Now for the pretrial hearing, O’ Mara fines himself at lost ends (the risk he took) because like Zimmerman, O’Mara did not follow orders. He presented his pretrial hearing arguments and evidence during the bond hearings. Because Judge Kenneth Lester’ kept the trial procedures in order, regardly. Now O’ Mara is upset and blaming Judge Kenneth Lester’ because he/OMara has not followed trial procedures in order having already presented his evidence, experts, witnesses, and arguments for pretrial.
    After he presented SYG at the bond hearing and could not out fox Judge Lester with picked out evidence, witnesses and arguments, non justerfing murder. He knows now ahead of time, Judge Lester is not buying what he is selling. So the answer for OMara is get rid of Judge Lester before pretrial or prepare for the long hard ride/an impartial jury. I question; is this what he/OMara did in the past, stay a step ahead (out of order) then have the Judges removed inorder to re-present his case all over again under a new Judge. Is this O’Mara’ strategy in winning, where he does not have to avoid useing a SYG hearing. He is “experienced (an old demon).” The processing of the law many times are deceitful. Zimmerman fired a gun in the middle of a neighborhood (children and elderly)a time when people are more likely to be home and commited murder. Even a failed SYG gives Zimmerman longer time before prison. Think, in a crimal trial in human terms, how is O’Mara going to explain all the lies- Zimmerman (adult with a violent past) in writting, phone calls, videos, TV show and evidences that they helped to create, about not following Trayvon. The two 911 calls tells it all he is heard in a 911 call describing the actions in process that lead to the murder, in a 911 call Trayvon is heard yelling for help and begging for his life. YET the bomb is to come that is going to shut down GZ and OMara lies, trust me. Because someone/something is missing in the picture, this is why the autopsy and lies do not add up.When the female detecteive looked at Zimmerman’s arms, look like bruises on both arms(enlarge photo). Is this because Trayvon knees were on GZ arms. How could GZ pull the gun with arms pinned to ground. It appears to be gun power burns to me on GZ head but in autopsy non on coat sleeves but small piece on jacket at shoulder. Did the white T-shirt person fire the gun near GZ head and shoulder(shoulder autopsy DNA), the two shadwos running(were the 2 chasing Trayvon?). I say chase all the DNAs to fine the missing person.
    Look at the photos closely on both sides and top of his head. I found on the web after O’Mara introduced it in second bond hearing (where is the black eyes, no way the back of Trayvon’ finger is wide enough to make that bruise on GZ nose. Where is the Xray).

    enlarge above photo to view, veiw GZ and botton photo in color.
    In JEHOVAH GOD I put my trust

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