Tioki – Moving Tech & Education Forward


As an educator and techie, I am always scouring the Internet for the latest and greatest tools that can be used to empower students, educators, and our entire community. In my quest for more tools, I ran across Tioki, an innovative tool that allows educators to connect, share ideas, thoughts and find out the latest goings on in educational technology and instruction.  So I signed up and this led to a series of conversation with Tioki’s co-founder, Mandela Schumacher-Hodge, an amazing educator and entrepreneur. If your an educator you should join Tioki and here are five reasons why:

  1. You will learn about other amazing tech tools for educators
  2. You will be able to participate in discussions and see what other innovators in the educational world are doing
  3. You will be able to share your ideas, tips, and lessons
  4. You will connect with amazing educators and build your professional network
  5. It’s free and easy

Anyways, Mandela and I sat down for a discussion about Tioki and the importance of educators being active and visible in digital spaces. As always, I also discussed #HipHopEd so make sure you read the article and watch the interview! Feel free to drop a comment and share this with your friends, colleagues and family.

Click on the photo below You can see the full article here.

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