Hot Cheetos and Takis | Scholarship Discussion w/ @ellication


This week educator and leader, Al Elliott hosted a discussion on the Hot Cheetos & Takis YouTube video sensation. This discussion centered around supporting the young performers earn scholarships and financial support for their video promoting products own by subsidiaries of PepsiCo. The Hot Cheetos & Takis video has received over 5,000,000+ views and if PepsiCo gave these young people just $.10 per view that would equal a $500,000 scholarship fund that could be divided equally for all the rappers and their youth organization. Now that may seem like a lot of money but  considering that PepsiCo had a net income of $6.462 billion in 2011, we believe it is highly doable. Al Elliott and myself will continue to investigate what we can do to help support Y.N.RichKids and the North Community’s YMCA Beats & Rhymes program in Minneapolis (, that runs the after school program where Y.N.RichKids was formed.

Don’t forget to also share this Jasiri X’s Video “Snacks Kill” that highlights the problem that junk food causes in our communities!

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