Must See – Hip Hop Genius – Remixing High School Education

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Hip Hop Genius – Remixing High School Education

Sam Siedel is an educator, innovator, Hip Hop artist and author serious about leveraging the Hip Hop movement to improve the lives of young people through education. I was fortunate to find out about Hip Hop Genius via Twitter. I am encouraged to see a concept like Hip Hip Genius is finally on the verge of being widely recognized and implemented! The struggle is just beginning! Get involved and learn more about Hip Hop Genius by watching the YouTube clip below! Sam Siedel also curates the Husslington Post, the Huffington Post for the Hip Hop generation. You can follow him on Twitter@husslington or check pre-order his soon to be released book, Hip Hop Genius at! I can’t wait to get a copy! Like always, comment, tweet, share and Be The Change You Want to See!