Please Resist Me by @LukaLesson

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Please Resist Me cover art

I bumped into this amazing and inspiring poem and video by Luka Lesson yesterday entitled Please Resist Me. Luka Lesson is an accomplished Australian Poetry Slam Champion, conscious Hip-Hop artist, and co-founder of The Center for  Poetics and Justice. In this poem Luka Lesson speaks to the indomitable and universal spirit of the world’s youth, which by nature continues to challenge the entrenched power structures and oppressive beliefs that seek to silence, limit and ostracize our voices and lives. This video voices a collective resound from our globe’s youth, please resist me, but your resistance only makes my passions burn more intensely and makes my insights more perceptive. Luka Lesson recently released a new album also entitled Please Resist Me, which can be listened to and downloaded here. To learn more about Luka Lesson’s work visit and see the links at the bottom of this piece. In closing, lets support the artist,  activists and leaders that are dedicated to making our world a better place! Let your voice be heard, share this post, drop a comment, buy an album, start building!

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Somalia Nevermind

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Somalia Nevermind by Amir Sulaiman

Click Here and Donate to the Crisis in Somalia - UNICEF

There is a food shortage and drought crisis facing the people of Somalia and the Horn of Africa. This is an extremely difficult time for Somalia right now and it is time to stop saying, “Somalia Nevermind.” If you want to make a difference please click the photo of the baby, which will take you the UNICEF page (they do accept dollars too). Above you fill find the incredible and heart wrenching poem Somalia Nevermind by Amir Sulaiman. Below you will find a YouTube video discussing the drastic need for aid to Somalia. Please let’s do something to make a difference in Somalia, share this on Facebook, Tweet it to your followers, or just donate. Thank You!

Be The Change by Basheer Jones

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Basheer Jones, an incredible thinker, speaker, motivator, orator, poet, MC, friend and human being. Basheer is currently working in Cleveland with President Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign. Watch this clip, visit his site and get involved…Be the change!

Basheer Jones Inspiring Minds

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